Soul of the city

Dear Editor:The soul of a city lies in its people. Luckily, Downey continues to have people of all generations, including those criticized in Mr. Christon's article, who are trying to make a difference. ("Soul of a City II, 7/4/13) There is progress that one can feel on a Saturday when people walk to the farmers market and into the local shops during the day, and to restaurants and entertainment in the evening. Sure there could be more, but the point is there is movement. As for the arts and the city, Mayor Mario Guerra and other City Council members have actively engaged the arts movements in the city, a movement that a previous generation of city officials left to rot. So while we can and do often debate the best course of action, I, for one, welcome this exciting new energy. Frank Kearns Downey

********** Published: July 11, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 13