Tierra Luna

Dear Editor:At what point will the citizens of Downey begin to receive specifics on the retailers, businesses, restaurants and hotel opening at the giant development south of Downey Landing? Is the city being purposely evasive in hiding names? Surely such a massive and expensive development would not be going forward if the developer did not have assurances that specific businesses would be opening shop there. Of course the elephant in the room is Walmart, and whether they will be moving into Downey. We deserve to know. George Lizarranga Downey

Dear Editor: On July 10, I met Mayor Mario Guerra at the U.S. Bank on Florence and Brookshire. The bank was celebrating the new solar panels they had installed. I asked Mario if there is any chance that a better name for our new shopping center will be chosen. To my surprise, he told me yes. Councilman Alex Saab also told me it looks very good as well. I sure hope that this is true. Only time will tell. Mike Sandoval Downey

********** Published: July 18, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 14