Top marks for YMCA

Dear Editor:A+ for the YMCA! Is the little one up yet? No. Did the big one eat? Don't know. Did the baby brush his teeth? He's still sleeping. Has anyone seen my cell phone? Five minutes, let's go. Honk, honk... These are the sounds of our morning routine as we get our kids ready for the day. As most parents with little ones will agree, there just simply aren't enough minutes in the morning to get everything done. On top of that, most working couples have to juggle school schedules and work schedules and figure out who's going to drop off and pick up the kids. This is especially difficult when your child attends PM kindergarten, which starts at 9:50 a.m. and ends at 1:10 p.m. So when we learned that the Downey YMCA's afterschool program offers a before and after school program, we were so thankful. However, soon after the year began, we sensed that the Y may have to close this great service due to low enrollment. After all, the two kids, Brandon and Audrey, didn't really justify the two YMCA superbly professional and friendly staff (Ms. Diana and Ms. Gloria). and definitely did not help the Y's bottom line. So after many nail-biting nights, my wife and I started thinking that maybe, just maybe, they cared? Perhaps the Y had a heart and a conscience and knew that one or two kids are just as important too. We are very grateful to the YMC for the before and after school services they provide to our community and for busy parents like us. We are especially thankful to them for looking beyond the financial bottom line as they consider what services to close or to keep open. This grateful family gives the Y and their great staff (Ms. Gloria, Ms. Diana and Ms. Susie) an A+! Walter and Vanessa Castro Downey

********** Published: May 16, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 05