Townhomes proposed along Stewart & Gray Road

A proposal to knock down a pair of single-family residences along Stewart and Gray Road and replace them with nine multi-story townhomes will be considered by the Planning Commission on Wednesday. If approved, each of the townhomes would be three stories and measure 1,542 square feet, with four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

The development is at 7634 Stewart & Gray Road.

"The first floor consists of the garage, a bedroom and bathroom," community development director Brian Saeki wrote in a staff report. "The second floor is the main living area (living room, kitchen and dining room), along with a second bedroom and bathroom. The third floor of the residence contains the remaining two bedrooms and bathrooms, and a laundry closet."

Each unit will also come equipped with a private patio.

To alleviate parking concerns, city planners stipulated all garages must be kept clear of storage so that two vehicles can fit at all times. The development will also include five guest parking spaces which are off-limits to residents.

To make room for the development, applicant Ed Bonanni is requesting to demolish two single-family homes, both built in the '50s.

City staffers have recommended the project's approval.

"It is staff's opinion that removal of the two older homes and construction of the newer townhomes will not only upgrade the subject site, but will serve to upgrade all the surrounding properties, as it will enhance the streetscape," the staff report states.

The staff report does not say if the townhomes will be sold or rented.

The Planning Commission meeting begins at 6:30 p.m.