Warren High engineering

Dear Editor:Kudos to the Warren High School Engineering Team of Mulan MacDougall, Matt Pacheco and Michelle Tulean for their great achievement in winning first place in the Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge which has been well reported by The Downey Patriot (4/18/13), the Wall Street Journal and others. The work of these young talented kids gives us hope that the technical leadership of this country will be in good hands and will continue the tradition of the great inventors from Edison to Steve Jobs that created so many industries and work for so many people and improved our standard of living. It will prove once again to the world that America is the land of discovery and a fertile ground to develop ideas. We should also note the achievement of Warren High which has been designated Distinguished School which is a tribute to the leadership of Mr. John Harris and the hard work and commitment of the administration and faculty. Furthermore Mr. Harris should also be commended for his leadership in implementing the Project Lead the Way in cooperation with Cal Poly Pomona to give Warren engineering students the background to succeed in engineering majors and the guarantee that they can graduate in four years if they do the work. Dr. Mary Stauffer's generosity in funding the training of the teachers at West Middle School to satisfy the requirements of the Project Lead the Way so that the program could get approved and started and of much equipment (3D printer among others) and engineering projects to make the Project Lead the Way successful at Warren High should also be recognized. Finally I want to commend the charismatic Mr. Glen Yamasaki (Yamo to his students) who spellbinds his students and motivates them to study the hard subjects that are required to succeed in an engineering career. My own son fell under his spell and changed career goals and is now studying Aerospace Engineering at Florida Tech. Our children are fortunate indeed to have the opportunity to receive such a great education in Downey. Jorge Montero Downey

********** Published: April 25, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 02