Wonders of the library

Dear Editor:Have you visited your library recently? The city may own it, but as citizens of the city, it is also ours. What a prized possession! There are books of all kinds everywhere. They are hiding in corners and boldly sitting on shelves. There are books for the very young crowd: picture books; books with color, numbers, animals and everyday objects. These graduate to Mother Goose, rhymes, fairytales and so on. The first encounter with these books will lead to owning one. "Mine" is an often used word of the younger folks! For the older people there are discs you can put into a compact player and hear someone read you a book. This is what I take advantage of. There is a special room where there are books and magazines for sale. By my standards they are cheap. What child doesn't want to own a book? Children and books just go together (but that's another story). Get to your library and look it over. Reading about other countries is a cheap way to travel. Whoever opens a book has the world at his fingertips. Betty Stockton Downey

********** Published: March 21, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 49