Bicycle Safety: Be predictable!

*Ride in the same direction as cars (Vehicle Code 21650.1). Drivers are not looking for wrong way bicyclists.*Follow the same rules of the road as drivers of cars, such as stopping at stop signs, signaling, etc. (Vehicle Code 21200). *Ride on the road. Sidewalks are for pedestrains and those going walking speed -- not for bicyclists riding fast. Door Zone: Ride in a straight line and stay out of the Door Zone. Ride far enough from parked cars so you can avoid suddenly opened doors. Riding in a straight line allows others to anticipate what you are likely to do. Ride a straight line: Don't weave between parked cars. Don't ride toward the curb between parked cars, unless they are very far apart. Drivers may not see you when you move in and out of traffic.

********** Published: March 6, 2014 - Volume 12 - Issue 47