Bicycle Safety: protect your head!

Helmets are required for everyone under the age of 18 years when riding a bicycle, scooter, skateboard or skates (Vehicle Code 21212 (a)). Even though the law requires only minors to wear a helmet, they are strongly recommended for people of all ages. Wearing a properly fitted helmet can reduce the risk of serious head injury by 85%. A well fitted helmet is SNUG, LEVEL, and LOW.

SNUG: Helmet should not wobble from side to side, and no more than two fingers should fit between the chin strap and chin.

LEVEL: The helmet should be centered on the head without being pushed forward or backward.

LOW: The helmet should be low enough to cover the forehead, and should sit no more than two fingers widths above the eyebrows.

Replace your helmet when it has been in a crash, if either the outer shell or foam is cracked/broken or the foam has gotten hard, and if it doesn't fit anymore.

The Downey Police Department will be offering bicycle safety tips over the next six weeks. Information courtesy of the California Office of Traffic Safety.

********** Published: Feb. 13, 2014 - Volume 12 - Issue 44