Bicycle Safety: safety reminders

1.         Crashing or falling while not wearing a helmet 2.         Bicyclists on the wrong side of the street

3.         Pedestrians trying to cross the street mid-block

4.         Not following traffic signs and signals

As a reminder, always stop and look both ways before entering a street, even from a driveway or parking lot. Look left, right and left again before entering the street.  Make eye contact and make sure the driver sees you before crossing in front of a car.

Never carry things that would prevent you from putting at least one hand on the handlebars of the bicycle (Vehicle Code 21205). To be safe, keep 2 hands on the handlebars when possible.

Hitching rides on a car is against the law for bicyclists, scooters and skateboards (Vehicle Code 21203).

Each rider of a bicycle must have a seat; double riding is not allowed (Vehicle Code 21204 (b)).

Riding a bicycle requires your full attention!  Do not ride with headphones in both ears (Vehicle Code 37400).

Stay focused and stay alert! Ride defensively; try to anticipate and predict what motorists may do.

Keep your bicycle in good condition.



Published: March 20, 2014 - Volume 12 - Issue 49