Bizarro world

Dear Editor:There is some strange symbiosis of political events happening in our global society today, an odd and perplexing amalgam of absurdities galore and horrifyingly deep philosophical implications of human malfeasance the likes of which may be comparable analogously to parallel universes and bizarro worlds. The first example of this weirdness, love him or hate him, is Edward Snowden, a man so principled that he was willing to break the law in order to shed light on the NSA violating the privacy rights of Americans for the rationalized purpose of protecting the very people they (the NSA) were abusing (allegedly) for the greater good, homeland security and all the other contrived explanations of the day. You must agree that he is a man who has taken it upon himself to have a moral and philosophical conscience of some sort, however distasteful or admirable you think him to be. On a side note, one cannot escape the irony that he has taken refuge in the country of Vladimir Putin, a man notorious for imprisoning journalists and other political dissenters for their impudence against the glowing reputation of Mother Russia and most assuredly invading their privacy at the same time with the political equivalent of a colonoscopy. Moving along the other end of the bizarro spectrum, enter Dennis Rodman, a once sports superstar, now a falling star, never to be accused of shying away from public spectacle like marrying himself. Rodman appears to be suffering from a kind of self-imposed intellectual exile. Perhaps motivated by economic necessity, he has clearly prostituted himself to the North Korean dictator Kin Jong-un, or "Supreme Leader" as he is better known to those folks who would rather not be caught applauding too unenthusiastically, the crime that Kim Jong-un's uncle is alleged to have committed that got him executed. Who knows what crime King Jong-un's girlfriend committed to be executed as well. Maybe she didn't show the appropriate enthusiasm in the boudoir. Greta Campbell Downey

********** Published: Jan. 16, 2014 - Volume 12 - Issue 40