Cerritos Library named one of world's most beautiful

CERRITOS - The Cerritos Library is listed as number 28 in the feature article "The World's 50 Most Beautiful Libraries" presented on the Best Value Schools website.The article can be viewed at bestvalueschools.com. The list includes libraries in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Egypt, England, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States. The article states: "Libraries are some of the most complete and incredible tributes to human knowledge imaginable, and with their range of resources, they're invaluable when it comes to studying. However, reading up on a topic of choice Cerritos Library among world's most beautiful libraries needn't be done in a bland and boring building, as the following institutions demonstrate. And while it's the books and facilities that make a library, being in lovely surroundings may provide inspiration and help you to work that little bit harder. Whether they feature sleek, eye-catching architecture or extravagant interiors, the 50 libraries on this list are the most beautiful in the world." The article's description of the Cerritos Library states: "Cerritos' Millennium Library is pioneering in more than one way. As well as being the USA's first building to be covered with titanium paneling, it has also been termed the first "Experience Library," because the facility puts a spotlight on fascinating themed areas, stunning art and interesting architecture. There is a children's library that incorporates a marine aquarium with coral and sharks, while for the more grown-up scholar, the Old World Reading Room is inspired by 19th-century European design and is outfitted with chandeliers and a fireplace. Californian architects Charles Walton Associates were responsible for the sleek and shining addition to the city, and the building was finished in 2002." The Best Value Schools website presents information about how to get the most value in an undergraduate or graduate degree.

********** Published: Feb. 6, 2014 - Volume 12 - Issue 43