Downey Fire

Dear Editor:I am disgusted by the actions of the Downey firefighters who appear to be using their association as a cover-up for their appalling acts. ("Downey Firefighters Allege Discrimination, Harassment," 12/26/13) For the firemen in our city to have the nerve to file such an absurd claim really is beyond the pale. Do they think the residents of Downey are that naive as to not know what their true motive behind this is? They are exactly why this country has as many problems as we do; rather than be content and do their job proudly, all while getting a generous pay, instead they whine and pout like little children just because the city and the residents don't want to contract service from L.A. County. Let me say this loud and clear, as I'm sure many residents feel the same: If you don't like being a Downey fireman, then please do us all a favor and quit your job. I'm sure there are hundreds lined up who can do your job in a more honorable manner. And good riddance. Laura Perkins Downey

Dear Editor: I could not believe last week's story about the Downey firemen and fire association. Have they lost their mind? I am a proud union member, but I also know when something just doesn't smell right. And what the Downey firemen are doing is just plain wrong. Seems like they have become too overconfident and forgotten that at the end of the day they work for the citizens of Downey. They really need to re-evaluate their purpose and leadership as they are going to sink fast. Moises Carillo Downey

Dear Editor: It's crazy to hear that the Downey firemen and their association are drinking their own Kool-Aid. I wonder if they have stopped and asked real Downey residents what our thoughts are on the "association" filing a ridiculous cliam against our very own city, the very city that they work for. I bet if they did a poll of Downey residents, they would learn that the majority of us do not want L.A. County Fire, we think they are acting like a bunch of ingrates, and if they don't like the fact that we want our own fire department, then they should simply start applying elsewhere. We don't want employees who do not want to be here, and don't forget Downey firemen, you are employees. Also, don't let the door hit you on the way out. Peter Rodriguez Downey

********** Published: Jan. 9, 2014 - Volume 12 - Issue 39