Firefighters' claims

Dear Editor:After reading the story "Fire Union Accuses Chief of Harassment, Discrimination" (, 12/23/13), I am appalled and disgusted with our firefighters. Councilman Alex Saab is right; their allegations are the acts of a desperate fire union upset that the city chose not to disband Downey FD and contract with L.A. County. Memo to Downey firefighters: Downey residents want their own fire department. If you don't like it, find a job elsewhere. Albert Traverso Downey

Dear Editor: Am I the only person growing tired of hearing the Downey Firemen's Association whine and gripe about their jobs? Downey firefighters receive generous pay and benefits. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of able-bodied men and women willing to take their jobs if they are unsatisfied. The worst part is the Downey Firemen's Association is further staining the reputations of labor unions across the country who legitimately fight for the rights of their workers. Armando Vegas Downey

Dear Editor: A fire department should be a source of pride for a community but my patience is wearing thin with the Downey Fire Department. The allegations filed in their claim against the city sound exagerrated and contrived. Fire Chief Lonnie Croom was thrown under the bus and his only crime was handling his job with integrity and professionalism. When I see a Downey fire engine drive down the street, I no longer feel a sense of pride. Instead I am embarrassed. Margie Paletz Downey

********** Published: Dec. 26, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 37