Firestone Boulevard work

Dear Editor: Last week, I noticed work started on Firestone Boulevard. I said, ‘Well, it’s about time.’

It is my duty being a citizen of Downey to write this letter, hoping it will be studied and be taken into consideration by the concerned parties:

1.) Firestone traffic at least doubled over the last 20 years, so we need to have a third lane in each direction. This can be achieved by not allowing any parking at any time on the boulevard side lanes or making the median divider narrow and pretty, but not wide enough to prevent the chance of having a third lane.

2.) Make median dividers narrow and with plants that are beautiful, permanently green, easy to maintain and non-seasonal.

3.) Please avoid the very, very expensive, long and large palm trees. All you see while driving is a large trunk that has roots high above ground level, covered with dirt. Besides, they drop their large leafs onto the street.

4.) Do not use large rocks to decorate the median cement as they collect dirt in between and get slippery. Some simple red bricks would be better.

5.) While working, please don’t block a one-mile distance during the day, keeping 2-3 workers scattered, working slowly. Also, the used material mix (cement, tar, etc.) should be durable so it can tolerate the trauma and rain to avoid the need to fix the same road over and over. I know some construction workers do that to guarantee a future job.

Some may say, ‘What would a medical doctor know about road work?’ I say, good observation, but common sense and caring about our city and community does not require an engineering degree.

Shahira A-Malek, MD




Published: March 20, 2014 - Volume 12 - Issue 49