Health insurance

Dear Editor:This is my response to Sen. Ricardo Lara's article in the Downey Patriot wanting health insurance for all immigrants. ("Ricardo Lara: Health Insurance for All Immigrants," 1/23/14) Yes, I agree that people from different walks of life that have legal status and pay their taxes should have insurance. I am 100 percent against undocumented people receiving health insurance because we all know they do not pay taxes. They should go back to their own country and demand insurance with their own government. Seems to me Sen. Lara wants undocumented people to get more of a free ride form the American people. In California, about 95 percent of illegal immigrants come from Mexico or Central America. I personally grew up with Hispanic people. Born and raised in California. Sen. Lara is speaking for the Latino community only. He is a biased person. But this is America, freedom of speech. I did three tours in Vietnam. When I was honorably discharged I could not find word. The companies I went to, basically all the people were Hispanic. Don't get me wrong, I'm a white man and my wife is Mexican-Native American, whom I love dearly. I'm not against any race. Sen. Lara never mentioned in his statement that people from Italy, France, Japan, Korea, etc. should get health insurance. Seems to me Sen. Lara is anti-American and only wants the best for the Latino community. Please print this letter. I would like Mr. Lara's response. Kim Pambianco Norwalk

Dear Editor: I can understand the generosity and compassion of Sen. Lara. What I cannot understand is how he intends to pay for healthcare for the world, when California is broke and its taxpayers are up against the wall attempting to pay for the "generosity" of previous legislatures. On top of that, the PPACA, and Covered California, are turning out to be a disaster with increased costs and reduced coverages, that the intended groups of beneficiaries are rejecting. Senator, we have run out of other people's money and need to get our financial house in order. You don't do that by undertaking new, expansive programs, but by stopping what you've been doing in the past until you can afford to Pay As You Go! Drew Kelley Downey

********** Published: Jan. 30, 2014 - Volume 12 - Issue 42