Needless wars

Dear Editor:I'm neither a Republican or Democrat, as I think the two-party system is disfunctional. Ms. Van Leuven's letter uses the word "hate" many times, and although she has the right to opine, I think in this world today, we should try to use words of kindness. (Letters to the Editor, 2/13/14) Every president, with the exception of a few, should be given respect because it is a difficult job to hold 350 million people together. I agree that the four people killed in Benghazi was a breakdown of our security but she does not mention the 4,500 servicemen killed in Iraq nor the more than 100,000 injured plus 200,000 civilian deaths. This was a war based upon total lies with a worthless outcome. Obama in the senate voted against it. Our troops are home from that God-forsaken country and hopefully we will be out of Afghanistan soon. Health insurance and unemployment benefits are another issue but everybody needs to be taken care of in a civilized society. The majority of the population are only a couple of paychecks away from being homeless. The CEOs making millions in salary and 40 percent of insurance premiums are for their profit. So, Ms. Van Leuven, keep on writing, but try some kinder words. It will cheer up the city. As far as the $17.3 trillion in debt, what does she think that these two useless wars cost? Colin Clarke Downey

********** Published: Feb. 20, 2014 - Volume 12 - Issue 45