Norwalk school district moves closer to bond measure

NORWALK - A recent survey of likely voters reported that Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District families are supportive of a prospective ballot measure that would provide $375 million for classroom repairs and improved instructional facilities, district officials announced.The Board of Education has not voted to put a bond measure on the November 2014 ballot but is expected to consider doing so in the coming months. Many details about a prospective bond are not available. The district said it surveyed more than 500 likely voters in the NLMUSD area and found that 64 percent would support a bond measure in the November 2014 election. A bond measure would need 55 percent approval to pass. Seven out of 10 prospective voters, or about 71 percent, said they believe the district has a need for additional funding and recognize the challeges it faces. The survey also showed: 81 percent of respondents agreed physical education and sports teams provide healthy after-school activities; 76 percent agreed improvements are needed to ensure school safety and security; 72 percent believe many schools are over-crowded; 70 percent supported providing additional classroom space to help reduce class sizes; 66 percent supported funding upgrades because campuses are older and in need of repair. "Our community supports our schools because residents know we are delivering a rigorous instructional program that allows our students to attend nationally competitive universities and possess workplace skills to carry them beyond graduation. They also understand that our classrooms, science labs and athletic fields need to support that program by being safe, attractive and wired for technology," said Dr. Ruth Perez, superintendent of NLMUSD schools. "Education funding is tricky today. This kind of community support really helps to secure the future of our schools and bolsters local property values by promoting high quality learning environments." "As a district, it is important for the education and futures of our students to create a robust 21st century learning environment," added NLMUSD board president Margarita Rios. "In the next few months, we will continue to reach out to the Norwalk and La Mirada communities to gather information about specific needs within our schools, as well as provide information and answer questions about what a bond measure would mean for our community."

********** Published: Dec. 26, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 37