Obama administration

Dear Editor:In reply to the man who said I hated President Obama: No, what I hate are the lies he continues to tell to U.S. citizens. "You can keep your healthcare plan, you can keep your doctor, it isn't to cost you a dime more, a family of four can save $2,500 a year on Obamacare." Another lie: Benghazi was caused by some video almost no one has ever heard of, not only by him, but also Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice. I will congratulate Sen. Feinstein, who is head of the Senate Intelligence Committee. It only took her one year and four months to discover what we knew in less than a week, that we were being lied to. One thing that came from the investigation was that it could have been prevented had those responsible been attending to their jobs. Now what I'd like to know is, was it Obama or Clinton who is responsible for the death of four men? Or do we just buy the explanation, "What difference does it make now?" After all, they have gotten by so far without being held accountable. Another deceitful title: "affordable healthcare." No, we're finding out it isn't, but this administration has spent over $600,000 setting up a system that didn't work. California got a $60,000 grant to pay two or three stupid performers to promote it. And now we find out that as of Jan. 19, 4.7 million have had their healthcare cancelled while $80 million was given to market Obamacare to the millennials and it's still a disaster. I'm also disgusted with our attorney general, Eric Holder, who picks and chooses which lawbreakers he will prosecute (not the Black Panthers), no responsibility for Fast and Furious (giving guns to the Mexican drug cartels) and suing Texas and New Mexico for enforcing their borders. I don't like this administration pushing same-sex marriages down our throats, President Obama and President Clinton being among the first to congratulate them that it passed. I'm not excited that more are on food stamps, more poor than since the Great Depression and more out of work who have quit looking for work. The upside - Obama says unemployment insurance is good for our economy. Maybe everyone should quit their jobs and go on unemployment insurance - our economy needs improvement. I hate it that the U.S. is $17.3 trillion in debt. The latest figure I heard is that every man, woman and child in the U.S. now owes $123,000 to cover our debt. It's growing and will get much worse if Obama is allowed to subsidize the insurance companies. One thing that really angers me - just that a man who killed his wife, sentenced to life in prison, is now receiving a sex change. A federal judge ruled that he was very uncomfortable. We taxpayers will foot the bill. I have a suggestion: maybe we can put the man out of his discomfort, save the money and spend it on a mental exam for the judge. We could have those who vote for a bill without reading it be examined too. Now if King or Dictator Obama wants a bill passed and Congress doesn't do it, he says he has a pen and phone and will use executive orders - forget the three branches of government - he knows best! It appears he has a bad, if not incurable, case of narcissism. The above are what I hate, not who I hate. Elsa Van Leuven Downey

Dear Editor: The reason I commend the Downey Patriot newspaper is because it is the only local newspaper of any worth or caliber with the best means of communication to all residents, because all major newspapers and television media (except FOX News, are in the pockets and control by the President and politicos of the majority party Democrats and some RINOs (Republicans in name only), who are willing to sell out our country so they can maintain their luxurious, easy job and overly generous pension benefits forever. Majority members of both House and Senate, and some RINOs, the toughest part of their job is waking up in the morning and going to their luxurious pad office, where they can lollygag and rest all day long till quitting time to go home. They can do this until they are a hundred years old, even if they have to be brought to the chambers on a gurney or wheelchair just so they can cast their vote. There ought to be a law against this pension job club. Term limits: two terms and out forever, with no right to move on as a lobbyist or consultant to newly-elected representatives or bodies of government to further their nest egg pensions. Some reps are honest leaders, most are parasites living off the incomes of hard-working Americans. They can't even come to their office if there are a couple inches of snow, yet the mail carrier has to deliver if the snow is up to his hips, even at night in the dark. Our founders are probably turning over in their graves to see what the politicos have wrought on the American public with 20,000-page bills that none have read in their entirety and then voting on it. Nancy Pelosi comes to mind with her "Let's vote on it and then find out later what we voted on." These people would have been drummed out of office so fast that they would faint and fall out. Oh well, till next time, be good to yourself. Joe Cvetko Bellflower

********** Published: Feb. 13, 2014 - Volume 12 - Issue 44