Objective sources

Dear Editor:I, for one, look forward to letters submitted by Elsa Van Leuven and Margaret Hittinger. If we are able to accept these issues objectively, we will find ourselves informed. I appreciate the time and efforts to secure the information. And especially I admire their courage in sharing the information in a public forum. Hopefully it encourages more people to become involved, people who will question the media from time to time. Too many rely on the "evening news" on TV, which is a media most interested in entertaining their viewers and collecting revenue; seldom in-depth. Likewise with the radio broadcasts. Newspapers remain the very best source of valid information and hopefully will remain so for a long time to come. Remaining objective is not always an easy thing to do, but it will encourage better exchanges of ideas and usable information. Dona Hill Downey

********** Published: Jan. 23, 2014 - Volume 12 - Issue 41