Political questions

Dear Editor:Where do I start? First, I'd like to thank The Downey Patriot for printing these letters. At least it's awakening some in the community to look at issues, though I'd say my critics seldom address the issues. Personally, I'm sorry to see Alaina Niemann leave Downey as I consider her past letters to be the best and most intelligent written to the paper. I, too, agree that moving won't protect her children from the sleaze, but at least her children won't have to share bathrooms with those of a different sex, which was passed by the Democrats in the California legislature and signed by what used to be called "Gov. Moonbeam." What I would like to see from those who criticize is an answer, which I've asked for many times: in defense of Benghazi, who instigated the lie that it was caused by a movie almost no one had ever heard of? Was it from President Obama, Hillary Clinton or Susan Rice (who was given a higher level job after lying)? Next, did President Obama really not remember staying with his uncle when going to Harvard, saying he didn't know him? Did a bad memory prompt him to say, "You can keep your insurance (or your doctor) period"? Who is responsible for sending guns to the Mexican drug cartels - Eric Holder or who? Did the IRS illegally choose not to give tax-exempt status to the Tea Party and conservative groups? Who was responsible? Will the head of NSA, James Clapper, lose his job for lying to the American people, telling the investigating committee that they did not listen to phone calls illegally? Did the Democrats indeed pass a bill they hadn't read and has it resulted in millions losing their health insurance? It isn't only the Democrats - Republicans don't have too good a track record either. No one will even try to close the border - we now have so many illegals both parties are afraid that if they do something, they won't be elected again. No one will try to control spending for the same reason. Another question - where does Mr. Henry get his information? (Letters to the Editor, 12/19/13) I see little of any of this on ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. Fox News and radio do tell what is happening. They do have people who are liberals (Juan Williams, James Carville, Bob Beckell and others). Ms. Linke speaks of listening to the messages and principles of those running for office (just hope they are being truthful). People vote Democrat and Republicans and have little knowledge. Just try questioning them on what's going on. The decision that controls their vote is how much is the government going to give them or they've been a lifetime Democrat or Republican. If controversy had caused me to retreat, I would have stopped long ago. I love the U.S. and believe God gave it to those who wanted religious freedom, but even that is being attacked now. Just to raise one more controversy: Phil Robertson stood up for his Christian beliefs and possibly the show "Duck Dynasty" will be taken off the air. I understand it is a faith-based program. But just look at the news: we see Miley Cyrus and her simulated sex acts and Lady Gaga (she makes me want to GagGag) and no mention of sponsors removing their support. We are living in a sick society. Last two questions: has anyone's healthcare insurance gone down? Remember, we were told it wouldn't cost us one dime more. Does the President have the right to rewrite a bill because Congress has passed it without reading? I wonder how many reading this have called someone in Congress almost every day, as I do - sometimes several of them. It has been difficult to get through for the past several months and almost impossible to get the presidential comment line. Please, please respond to my questions. Elsa Van Leuven Downey

********** Published: Jan. 2, 2014 - Volume 12 - Issue 38