President’s spending

Dear Editor: In response to “Politics” (Letters to the Editor, 3/27/14), I have to agree with Joanne Gallo that we have not and will never have a perfect president.

Myself, and I am sure others, were not looking for perfection. We were looking for leadership credentials. Being a community organizer, serving in the Senate for a few months, teaching constitutional law, and graduating from Harvard does not qualify anyone to become president of the United States. A brother-in-law of mine has a doctor’s degree from Harvard but in no way is qualified to become president.

Sure, in my opinion and others’, George W. Bush’s big mistake was getting us into war in Iraq -- hopefully history will prove that this was not a mistake. However, does this mistake (if indeed it was), and others that he made justify voting someone into office who is totally unqualified? Obama’s mistakes are way too numerous to list, however, the following are a few:

Passing the Affordable Care Act without allowing the opposition party to have a voice. With more than 2,000 pages in this act, and having seen a few excerpts that are forthcoming, even Ms. Gallo might not like what will be happening. We are just beginning to see the downfalls of Obamacare. My son’s insurance deductible has increased form $900 a year to $5,000. Being a senior citizen and having a Medicare Advantage Plan, my healthcare plan has not been compromised -- yet.

Taking extravagant family vacations to Hawaii, Europe, Africa and China. Sure, you might say, he is president and entitled to these luxury trips. If he were an emperor, yes, however, he is not.During our economy’s hard times, Obama and family should be honorable enough to set a good example and conserve on expenses.

Using Air Force One more than any other president to fly to Los Angeles to raise funds for the Democratic Party or for making guest appearances on “The Tonight Show” and “Today” shows. Obama has used his executive privileges more than any other president to institute his agenda.

Increasing our national debt by more than all the previous presidents combined -- yes, including George W. Bush. Our debt is now around $17 trillion and rising.

Taxing the rich. Sure there is corruption among the rich as there is among all classes of people. But some have worked hard, put in long hours running a business that provides jobs for many, saved and invested wisely for retirement. The rich pay a higher percentage of income tax than anyone else and are largely responsible for contributing to the nation’s income. In France, the rich are taxed 70 percent of their income and are now leaving the country. If the rich in the United States decide to leave our country, with 49 percent of the people paying no taxes, the upper and middle class would not able to sustain President Obama’s and his wife’s lifestyle, and what a pity that would be.

Martha Call




Published: April 3, 2014 - Volume 12 - Issue 51