Professor presents new teaching method

NORWALK - Cerritos College instructor Miodrag Micic, Ph.D., presented a "breakthrough teaching approach" at the SolidWorks World 2014 Conference held Jan. 29 in San Diego.SolidWorks is a 3D mechanical Computer Aided Design (CAD) program used by engineers and designers to create, design and simulate products. SolidWorks World is the premier annual event for SolidWorks users and its presents are selected from the leading experts in the field to share best practices and to educate other users. Dr. Mimic, chair of the Engineering Design Technology department, detailed his new approaches in teaching statics and strength of materials using parametric CAD and simulations. "Students become discouraged from pursuing engineering majors due to the math-related classes in engineering and the difficult and abstract nature of engineering science," said Dr. Mimic. "The breakthrough idea was to eliminate this bottleneck by enhancing the use of simulations as the main tool to solve problems in statics and mechanics of materials. "By using these tools, we were able to transform the class from abstract and difficult math assignments to an activity-filled class." In the fall 2013 semester Engineering Design Technology class ENGT 237: Statics and Strength of Materials, students were introduced to basic concepts of statics and strength of materials, then understood the concepts by using the simulation tools. "This innovated curriculum makes learning much more interesting, engages students and helps them understand the engineering concepts better and faster," said Dr. Micic. "Of 32 students, 30 completed the class and 28 became Certified SolidWorks Simulation Associates," said Dr. Nick Real, instructional dean of technology at Cerritos College. "This new classroom approach in teaching statics and strength of materials improved student success."

********** Published: Feb. 13, 2014 - Volume 12 - Issue 44