Public safety vote

Dear Editor:In regards to the June 3 ballot measure ("Downey Consolidates June 3 Ballot Measure," 1/30/14), let's not forget that the Downey Fireman's Association was only able to collect enough signatures by lying to the public about what they were signing. If I remember correctly, I recall reading that the Downey Fireman's Association claimed they had no control over the signature collectors, nor did they instruct them to lie to the public. Even through the Downey Fireman's Association was aware of these issues, you would think that they would have taken responsibility, stepped back and discounted all the signatures and start over again with honest signature collectors, not liars. Alas, this did not happen, and signatures were still collected and here we are, with a ballot measure that will cost the city when that money could have been put to better use. I say if the measure doesn't pass, the Downey Fireman's Association should pay the city for the money wasted. If Downey firefighters are really that unhappy working for Downey FD, why are they still here? As far as I know, they're allowed to quit and apply elsewhere; plus, I know many people who would be more than happy to take their spots. Do not let this measure pass; the residents of Downey should be the ones to decide to give authority to contract our emergency services, not the city council members without our approval. Guillermo Vazquez Downey

********** Published: Feb. 6, 2014 - Volume 12 - Issue 43