A vote for Guerra

Dear Editor: If you can recall the past, I have twice written scolding letters regarding my feelings towards Mario Guerra.

I would like to say that I am willing to eat crow for the betterment of our state and country. I believe Mario is our only hope for California as we are still overrun by Democrats who are wasting our resources and giving our tax dollars to immigrants who have never earned a paycheck or paid a penny in taxes. This is called buying votes.

I am calling the Guerra Committee Headquarters and asking for an “Elect Mario Guerra” sign for my front yard.

I have some Democrat friends and we have our differences, but the new Democratic Party leadership is full of liars and their failure to perform on critical issues because they “were vacationing in critical times” is not acceptable; this should never be acceptable to any American.

There are too many failures in our government because those in charge failed to do anything, then when the big show starts on TV and they are questioned, their answer is, “I can’t remember.”

Harry Reid has stopped over 900 bills that were supposed to be voted on from coming up to vote.

Raising taxes for good causes then blowing the money on phony bills then not having the funds to do what they were supposed to do is a failure to perform.

I am voting Mario Guerra as my Republican representative because he does have the experience, know how and contacts. He will also protect the senior citizens who have paid their fair share and are now watching the deposits being blown on the Democratic lies.

Maurie Thomas




Published: Oct. 16, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 27