Arts funding

Dear Editor: After reading that the City Council has agreed to fund the Stay Gallery three more years, it seems that $75,000 to support the gallery is financially over the top in these difficult times which people are facing today.

Does Downey not have a place in Furman Park that was once a gallery where poetry could be read and art displayed?

I realize that this money comes from a fund where a tax was put on developments to fund an arts program in the city. I would prefer that the City Council vote to put this money in the city treasury and possibly reduce some of the taxes they put on utilities, etc.

Another subject: I wish the Planning Commission would ask new businesses to consider naming their business more family-friendly names. First we have Bastards, and now what I understand to be an upscale restaurant, Lock and Key Social Drinkery. “Drinkery” isn’t even a word.

And, of course, the Planning Commission allowed two hookah parlors in Downey. I heard the other day that they cause lung cancer more quickly than cigarettes, so our city is helping them, because some want them, or is it maybe to add to the city money? If some want cocaine or meth, do we do that too for money?

Downey does not need any more bars.

Betty Logan




Published: Aug. 28, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 20