Books up for auction

DOWNEY – The Friends of the Downey City Library holds monthly silent book auctions in order to raise money to help support the various programs of our local library. This month the following items are up for bid: “The Kingdom of the Cat” (learn about the cat’s history, biology and association with myth and legend; also see how the cat has been depicted in art and literature);

“Buster Keaton” (the complete films of the actor and director-includes a book and three VHS tapes);

“The Planets-A Journey Through the Solar System” (nearly 200 spectacular images of the planets, their moons and other space objects moving through our solar system);

“Lady Gaga” (more than 450 candid behind the scene photos);

“Imagine-John Lennon” (a tribute to his art and timeless legacy);

“The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt” (a detailed historical coverage from the early Stone Age to its incorporation into the Roman Empire-lots of maps and photographs);

“Ghosts of the Sky-Aviation in the Second World War” (a collection of photographs and stories of WWII aircraft from both sides of the battle);

“Wildflowers-A Collection of U.S. Commemorative Stamps” (hundreds of photographs with detailed descriptions of each flower and where they can be found);

“Cat O’ Nine Tales and Other Stories” (12 stories by Jeffrey Archer show his ingenious plots and unexpected conclusions);

“Magic Words of Fantasy” (from Picasso to the remarkable work of four amateur painters, this book illustrates how an artist paints what his mind sees);

“Cake Pops-Tips, Tricks and Recipes” (learn how easy it can be to make 40 different treats with step-by-step instructions);

“Halloween at the Zoo” (a very clever pop-up book for kids of all ages).

Books have opening bids from $5-$10 and are on display in the library lobby. Bids can be made through noon, Saturday, Oct. 25, on cards in the Friend’s Bookstore which is located in the young adult section of the library.



Published: Oct. 16, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 27