Broken system

Dear Editor: Healthcare: How do we fix it?

The problem is that we are now afraid to fix it. Eat less, don’t grow old and exercise more. “Pick yourselves up from your bootstraps” But what happens when we have no bootstraps?

Take responsibility for your body when you are working three jobs in the barrio of LA. Feed your children fresh fruit from the liquor store. In south central the only place to buy food is the liquor store.

Corporate food companies have gotten us fat and now the corporate devils of the insurance companies have to insure us. What a delicious problem for them as they fight to insure us with little money. Perfect.

The Affordable Healthcare Act? As President Obama closed the door on his way out he leaves us with these insurance companies making money.

Powerful interest groups and a president and a congress bought and paid for. The ones we thought we elected.

What idiots we were as the Supreme Court fixed our elections and we stood by and said nothing. And as they took our tax money for them too big to fail. We stood by and said nothing. They destroyed a country in our name. A president who was dishonest and none of us wishing to know the truth. But all of us thinking something was not right out here.

Two corporate entities fighting one another for greed. Another huge spill in Galvaston Bay tonight. Thousands of migrating birds are about to witness their demise. I wonder who will make the most money out of this? Maybe Exxon Mobil and as they walk away with a planet left in extremis? What is left for us? California burning up and the news people thinking the most important thing is nail polish and the next thing Justin Beiber does is important.

So many smart people working on fixing this problem. Seems funny they can’t fix it, why because nobody wishes to tell the truth.

Single payer healthcare? It works with the VA. if we remove the insurance companies from this toxic mix then all the young people paying their premiums and making little demands on the system can pay for the old making the most demands. See it really is that simple, it works and it’s called Medicare.

But then who will pay for the greedy politicians to get elected? Not us, we have no jobs out here and come around next election time we will not vote for them.

Let’s see how the supreme court fixes it?

And for once and for all let’s do away with this idiotic belief that the people’s vote means anything. anymore.  It was rigged a long time ago.

Margaret Hittinger




Published: May 22, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 06