Campus improvements

Dear Editor: My congratulations to the Downey Unified School District on the recent completion of the Engineering Building at Downey High School.

My husband and I attended the outstanding Open House held last Thursday; we were amazed and impressed with the innovative classrooms now available to students. It was very evident after talking to a few teachers and the principal how excited and passionate they are about this new building and the technology it provides.

We want to thank all the district personnel, the Board of Education, Dr. Mary Stauffer, the teachers, staff members and, of course, the community for making this project a reality. It is very exciting to see the advances that our district is making to enhance the education of our students so they are prepared for the competitive job market.

We are thankful for all the improvements that were made possible in the district through Measure D. We hope the district will be able to accomplish future projects that will benefit our students as they prepare to be our future leaders.

Joan Martin




Published: Sept. 4, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 21