City Council’s behavior

Dear Editor: Since my family has been in the United States, well over 100 years, we have a long tradition of military service. We are proud to be part of this wonderful country and though we are sad that we and many others have lost family and friends in military service, we are also proud of their service and remember them in prayer at home. For this reason we attended the Memorial Day ceremony at Downey City Hall.

I was amazed at the guest speaker’s wonderful talk about Memorial Day. He was interesting, captivating and I learned a great deal. He was obviously emotional about the lives and deaths of the many deceased military personnel who sacrificed their lives in defense of our great nation of which we all should be grateful and proud.

What also amazed me was the lack of respect and dignity displayed by the members of the City Council on stage during this talk. As they joked and laughed and ignored him, I was sad that we have lost so much dignity as a society that we allow such foolishness on such a solemn occasion. I love laughter and teasing and fun, but during that talk it was not time for juvenile behavior.

I am thoroughly disappointed in our City Council members who participated in such rude behavior in public. I hope they realize how foolish they looked and I hope others noticed the foolishness and, like me, chose to ignore it as much as humanly possible and focus on the message of that wonderful speaker.

Tanya Mendoza




Published: June 5, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 08