City’s role in business

Dear Editor: In reply to the comments of Saroya Suni, and Barbara Alford, in last week’s Letters to the Editor:

Unlike some places in the world, city government does not - or should not - be selecting what will be built other than informing businesses of available property within the city and letting them make up their own mind as to this city’s suitability re their business model.  This is something we’ve had discussed about Trader Joe’s for decades.

These businesses spend millions of dollars in studies to find where their construction dollars will generate the most return and their data is very comprehensive.

I too am disappointed at the rental restrictions revealed about Downey View apartments, but not surprised.  Many developments of this nature are in response to certain governmental stimuli - in this case most likely “affordable housing” and the restrictions come from the source of the stimulus, the legislation written by the state legislature in making funds available.

Stop voting for the current crop of incumbents and some of this may change.  The city’s function in this is usually mandated by the state, with the threat of withheld funding for one thing or another for failure to comply.


Drew Kelley




Published: Oct. 16, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 27