Comedy show to benefit brain cancer foundation

DOWNEY – The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood is hosting a comedy fundraiser Sunday, May 18, with proceeds benefiting brain cancer research. The event is a fundraiser for TJ's Dream Team, a non-profit created in memory of Warren High School grad TJ Peacock, who died in 2007 of a brain tumor.

TJ's Dream Team raises money for brain cancer research, one of the least funded types of cancer.

"My son was only 14 when diagnosed with this disease," said TJ's mother, Diane Peacock. "Many cancers have routine pre-screening tests, which in many cases, save lives. There is no routine pre-screening for brain cancer. By the time most people find out they even have this type of cancer it is because they have begun to exhibit symptoms which, in my son TJ’s case, meant the tumor had grown large enough to cause him visible issues.

"When TJ was diagnosed with brain cancer, it had already reached a stage III Astrocytoma. Had this been caught early, it is very likely that it could have been removed before spreading throughout TJ’s brain."

The comedy event will also include a silent auction. More event details will be posted online at

Tickets, priced at $25 if purchased before May 4, can also be purchased on the website (under the "events" tab).

"I promised my son and myself that I would spend the rest of my life making him proud," said Diane, "and carrying on his battle so that some day we can prevent another family from suffering the way we and many others have suffered."