Delayed cord clamping

Dear Editor: Thank you so much for publishing Rita Shertick’s article on delayed cord clamping in newborns. (“Birth: In Defense of Delayed Cord Cutting,” 4/17/14)

As she demonstrated, all the latest research supports the benefits of DCC and yet it is a practice that one rarely sees in today’s hospitals. When my first child was born six years ago at Downey Regional Medical Center, I had learned of the benefits of DCC and wanted that to be done. My doctor absolutely refused, stating that if we insisted on that, she would not let me hold the baby until the cord had been cut. That wasn’t a battle we wanted to fight.

When my second child was born we did a lot of things differently, including giving birth at home with a licensed midwife in attendance. Fortunately my midwife shared my views about DCC and this is something we were able to do.

I hope more obstetricians follow the lead of their colleagues in midwifery and begin having more respect for the natural processes of childbirth, including delayed cord clamping, especially when it is something the parents request.

I also look forward to seeing more articles by Rita Shertick in the future.

Lana Wahlquist




Published: April 24, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 02