Downey firefighters

Dear Editor: I am losing my patience with the Downey Fire Department.

After losing Measure B last June, I now read the firefighters union representing them has brought about yet another legal challenge. Really?

And what about our trusted Downey firefighters? Have they lost their collective way? Have they no conscience?

Just a friendly reminder: You get into public service to help humanity, not yourself. If you no longer wish to give of yourself to the people of and visitors to Downey, then stop whining about the department and lateral out. Make room for up-and-coming firefighter-hopefuls that burn for the opportunity to serve this community.

Stop your union’s continuing assault on us and the city’s limited financial resources. You’re wasting taxpayers’ money and giving your next pay raise to the lawyers. The union ultimately cares about its survival, not yours. Not the city. Don’t tamp out our trust in you.

I continue to be proud of the 83 percent of my fellow thoughtful residents who refused to throw their voting rights away. And of our City Council persons for standing up for its constituents.

Should I have a need for fire services, I will not hesitate to call on the Downey Fire Department for their expert help. However, I’m afraid I’ll be fighting the urge to hold my nose while doing so.

Joseph Palmieri



Dear Editor:

I may have more sympathy for our firefighters if a single one of them actually lived in Downey. But they do not, and I resent the fact that they are continually trying to change our city.

The fire union is costing our city hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. I hope the city tries to recoup the money and puts the fire union out of business once and for all.

It’s a shame that Downey firefighters were once a source of great pride for our city. Now I look the other way when I see them driving down the street.

Miriam Luisa




Published: Aug. 28, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 20