Downey library has books up for auction

DOWNEY – The Friends of the Downey City Library holds monthly silent book auctions in order to raise money to help support the various programs of our local library. These books are donated by the library’s many friends and patrons. Up for auction this month are:

“Seal Team Six -- Memoirs of an Elite Navy Seal Sniper” (author Howard Wasdin takes the reader deep inside the world of the Navy Seal);

“The World’s Greatest Hotels, Resorts & Spas” and “100 Greatest Trips” (Travel & Leisure’s classic hotels, outdoor adventures, great dining, with maps and pictures);

“Michael Jackson – The Man in the Mirror” (read about his career from the time he was a child star of 11 to his untimely death);

“What Your Birthday Reveals About You” (easy to understand day-by-day analysis of the astrological wonders of one’s birthday and sign);

“Indian Nations of North America” (the National Geographic publication gives a comprehensive profile of eight different tribes from ancient to modern times);

“Treasures of the Smithsonian” (400 pictures in this book share the masterpieces of art, history, inventions and nature in the Smithsonian);

“The American Language” (this is the fourth edition of H.L. Mencken’s famous book filled with new information, but still retaining Mencken’s acid wit);

“The Peter Yarrow Songbook-Favorite Folk Songs” (autographed and including a CD);

“Emeril’s Potluck” (dishes perfect for 8-10 people);

“The Los Angeles River – Its Life, Death and Possible Rebirth” (the first comprehensive account of a river that helped give birth to one of the world’s greatest cities);

“The World Record Paper Airplane Book” (best models, throwing techniques and some short lessons in aerodynamics);

“Animals” (the Smithsonian Institute’s guide to the world’s wildlife with hundreds of pictures).

Bids can be made through noon on Saturday, Sept. 27, in the Friend’s Bookstore which is located in the young adult section of the library.



Published: Sept. 11, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 22