Downey teacher advocates for Prop 46

DOWNEY – Tammy Smick, a teacher with the Downey Unified School District, joined Sen. Barbara Boxer and Bob Pack, author of Prop. 46, at a press conference in San Francisco last week. Along with other grieving mothers, the group called on California voters to join them in supporting the patient safety provisions in Prop. 46, the Toy and Alana Pack Patient Safety Act.

Smick, who is a lifelong Downey resident, has become a vocal advocate for Prop. 46 and for improving patient safety in California following the death of her son, Alex Smick, to preventable medical negligence.

Alex died in 2012 in an Orange County hospital after he was given a lethal combination of medications and then left unmonitored for more than seven hours.



Published: Sept. 18, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 23