Dear Editor: In addition to the $2,000 fine for illegal fireworks, the city should enlist the help of anyone who wants to help by giving to them half of the $2,000 so that instead of just having very few policemen try to control this out of control situation, the whole town can now help.

Any photograph or video submitted of someone illegally using fireworks constitutes lawful evidence for which the fine can be applied.

In addition, all fireworks should be declared illegal until this lawlessness is brought completely under control.

You could also temporarily ‘deputize’ select people to expressly use video equipment to catch people in the act of using fireworks, but they are not allowed or empowered to do anything else. All they can do is take the photograph and submit it to the authorities.

The police force of any city will never curb the unlawful usage of fireworks all by themselves. Everyone knows this, and this is exactly why the situation is insanely out of control.

However, you could easily, and get, all the help you need – providing that you give the people a sufficient motive for helping.

As it is now, the total inability of the police to control such a large situation literally encourages a city of lawlessness and anarchy in regards to this issue of fireworks.

Jim Beamiing




Published: July 10, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 13