Furman Park

Dear Editor: The city of Downey is demolishing the children’s playground at Furman Park and the reconstructing a new one through the help of the Kiwanis Foundation. The present one’s soil is 100 percent sand; the new one will be sand and rubber.

The existing playground seems to be in very good condition. I mention this fact because of the deterioration of the rest of the park. The park grass has changed to 40 percent brown, yellow and bare soil in color. I don’t know the logic of bare ground unless the City Council intends to plant crops.

The mindset of the city of Downey has not changed since 1950 for the maintenance of parks. In fact, the maintenance crew for Furman Park has been reduced.

This shortage of help was apparent the other day as I walked through the park. One of the soaker hoses had sprung a leak and was shooting water into the sky. I noticed three days later the shooting water still existed.

I don’t think the mayor and City Council are aware of Furman Park’s condition since they immediately put up a huge sign in front of the construction zone which describes the merits of the new playground and which bears the names of the mayor and council members.

Perhaps the mayor and City Council should take a walk around the park to really understand the dire condition of Furman Park. It would be nice to have a green, watered grass again. All you have to do is compare our park with the parks of the neighboring cities to understand the difference in maintenance.

The citizens of Downey deserve better, don’t you think?

George W. Morris




Published: July 17, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 14