Government waste

Dear Editor: We in Downey are fortunate to have The Patriot, where we can express our opinions. Martha Call’s letter was very interesting.

Not only is Congress responsible for the illegal entries, President Obama played a large part too. Our Chamber of Commerce is wanting cheap labor. But cheap for whom? Our national debt is approaching $18 trillion a year; a large percentage of that is federal giveaway programs and corrupt government.

What’s going to happen when our government goes bankrupt? I recently heard that if we paid $10 million a day on our debt it would take 4,700 years to pay it off. But cheer up, we will have clean air. The budget for this is only $8 billion a year.

Martha Call was exactly correct regarding illegal immigrants from Central America, however, Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia and other state Democrats want California to spend $53,000 on attorneys for them. Gov. Moonbeam wants to establish a sanctuary city for them. That’s a pittance of what the feds will spend on them, but we can’t afford the military to protect us. So when you go to the polls, turn down every bond. California is not flush with money and businesses are moving to other states and countries because of high taxes.

“The Five Biggest Problems with Healthcare” op/ed was revealing regarding government money being misspent. The biggest problem is that it was a very bad bill that the Democrats either were too lazy to read or had gotten drunk from drinking too much Obama Kool-Aid, or didn’t care, because they’re on another “good” healthcare program, as are most government employees, unions, etc. This bill was so good that President Obama has rewritten it 37 times.

Back to our national debt. Now when a big part of the world is on fire, the U.S. is cutting its military but continuing to push a clean air treaty, spending foolishly on another global warming program. However, China, India and Russia won’t sign the treaty and they are the three largest polluters.

Regarding the Middle East, Obama has no strategy. If he did, it would probably be a tragedy. His comment was that ISIS is the junior varsity. Heaven help us if they send in the varsity team.

So spend on! If the U.S. goes bankrupt, did you ever think there would be no Social Security, no unemployment insurance, no food stamps, no earned income tax credit, no disability insurance, no 29 job-training programs, no jobs, no pensions, no need for an IRS and no money to spend? Neither Democrats nor Republicans will cut these programs because they fear they won’t be elected.

So until people wake up and see what’s happening, I fear the U.S. is doomed, as many have no interest in our leadership. They now receive all these giveaway programs through the tax money of the 50 percent who work and pay taxes, and from borrowed and printed money. But we will have clean air, little food and loss of homes, but clean air.

We could still have global warming because of the hot air that comes from politicians. We have spent to $2 trillion on welfare, Does it cheer you up to know that an EPA employee who earned $125,000 a year spent 6-1/2 hours a day looking at porn and downloaded 7,000 videos and received a performance award?

Elsa Van Leuven




Published: Sept. 11, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 22