Illegal drug use

Dear Editor: I read with great interest the article “Investing in Drug Rehabilitation” in the Downey Patriot.

First, drug use is not a disease and alcohol abuse isn’t a disease. If they are, they aren’t diseases that people get if they don’t use drugs nor drink. Strange, we see the sellers prosecuted, but usually not the user. Tammany Parrish’s attorney argued in court that this crime was non-violent, but we see in the Downey Patriot that when the Downey Police have checkpoints, now, they often are driving under the influence of drugs. However, if they are in an auto accident, someone could be killed – then it’s violent. Our President has said that marijuana is not as bad as cigarettes. Is the new standard “not as bad as”?

I have a story I’d like to relate. A young lady that our family had loved so dearly since she was a baby got on drugs in her teens and became addicted. Her family did everything possible (rehab, etc.) to help her and our family tried too. But one day her body was found at MacArthur Park; she had overdosed on drugs and her body had been dumped there, leaving behind a baby less than a year old. When the baby visited her grandparents she would visit me too. On a walk one day she, being 3 years old, looked up at me, with beautiful blue eyes, and said, “when my mother comes back from Heaven, then I’ll know who she is.” I’m sure this isn’t an isolated case. Rehab doesn’t always work.

What’s the answer? Incarcerate them or let them go free? Will giving a lesser sentence keep them off drugs? I’m sure that they need a support system, but how many really want to get off drugs? Will they just go back and do the same again? The funding must come from somewhere. Why don’t we test our children in school to see if they’re using drugs? Why can’t we have classes to encourage young people to do something positive and helpful – show them the hazards and what happens to people whose lives have been ruined by drugs? For sure there isn’t an easy answer. However, it isn’t helpful when the attorney general, Eric Holder, will not enforce our border laws and drugs are brought over freely.

I know some are going to say marijuana is harmless – not so. Tests show that marijuana use one time can alter the brain forever among the young. Yet the young get it even though it’s illegal. Marijuana as a medical treatment is a joke – many get it who don’t have a medical condition. Marijuana legalization is coming unless we wake up and stop it.

Now, another issue – to those who received a mailer with Howard Jarvis’ photo on it, that came from Irvine, on the back where it says, “Vote yes on Measure B.” It’s a lie, saying “restore binding majority voting rights in Downey.” A “yes” vote will take away the rights of the citizens to vote and give it to the majority of the City Council to decide, not the citizens of Downey.

Vote no on Measure B.

Elsa Van Leuven




Published: May 29, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 07