Illegal immigration

Dear Editor: This is in reply to Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard’s editorial. (“Downey Congresswoman Condemns Year of Inaction,” 7/10/14)

The Senate passed a bill on comprehensive immigration, which was not acceptable to many Americans. Who broke the immigration system? Was it not those who for years crossed our borders illegally and poor leadership in the U.S. who would not protect our borders?

Please tell me how the health, well-being and economic security of millions of immigrant women (please distinguish between legal and illegal) are being undermined – is it only women? If these illegal women are under the shadows, the whole state of Southern California is under a shadow or perhaps they’re under the shade of a mall or grocery store. Please stop using this old, worn-put phrase.

An aside question: how many bills has Harry Reid refused to bring up for a vote? There is a path to citizenship. It’s accomplished by applying legally, as the rest of the world does, who aspire to be an American. Another question: which poll shows the will of the majority of legal American citizens who demand citizenship for those who have broken our immigration laws?

I also question the honesty of the report that 72,000 parents have been deported. We should change the law that children of illegals born here are Americans. Speaking of devastating consequences, what is Roybal-Allard’s solution for the 90,000 illegals crossing now and the expected 150,000 next year, who have paid drug lords, etc. to bring their children here, some as young as 2 years old? They are not bringing to light that in Texas, bodies of children are found because of our broken borders.

Our military protects borders all over the world, but this administration sees no necessity of protecting our own. Congresswoman Roybal-Allard, there is no one stopping the 11 million from paying taxes, as you say they want to do. Bet they just can’t wait to fork over that money rather than send it back to Mexico and Central America. Please, tell us which 159,000 jobs will be created – share it with President Obama, he needs to know.

Another old broken statement: “the best and brightest” from around the world. Please show me the IQ’s of each illegal entering our country. How ridiculous can Roybal-Allard be? We had a farm worker program that worked well and who is tearing families apart but those who chose to leave families and come here illegally? Right now the economy in Mexico is better than the U.S.

Congressman Hahn says comprehensive immigration reforms our values and honors our history as a nation of immigrants. The big problem with the Democrats is they don’t have the intelligence to distinguish between legal and illegal. Strange the 11 million figure seems to be static, in spite of the thousands and thousands crossing every day. How do you count them if they are in the shadows? Dear Democrats, all we ask is one simple thing: close the darn border.

I’m surprised Rep. Roybal-Allard and the other 11 Congressmen mentioned are not down at the border to greet the new members of MS13 and other criminals entering or taking dozens of toddlers and young people into their homes to care for. Have they called the CDC to accompany them? They just might get to meet some future terrorists.

Also, could Roybal-Allard give us some sort of figure as to how much more this will put the United States in debt?

Elsa Van Leuven



Dear Editor:

A country that cannot protect itself against domestic intrusion cannot ever hope to protect itself against foreign invasion of any kind.

God help us all because we are being invaded by mass domestic invaders which will certainly cause the fall of our once great country. America once saved the entire world during World War II and now it cannot save itself.

Folks, I don’t care what color you are, but this mass human invasion will certainly cripple our country to the point of having no country.

Slowly and deliberately, we are losing our country by a useless president who thinks he is a king or dictator in charge of our lives and livelihood. He is abetting and aiding the demise of America by his actions and inactions. He should be impeached immediately, if not sooner.

Our brave servicemen and women are dying in foreign countries to protect their borders against invaders, yet we cannot protect our own borders from mass illegal human invaders. Undocumented means illegal; they don’t belong here.

This country was made great by legal immigrants, not illegal ones, who are setting the agenda for the demise of America. These children are like the Trojan horse of history, and that is what is happening now. We are not the world’s welfare society, nor should we give them all rights that only American citizens enjoy.

Why are the parents of these children not changing their country to allow such things to happen? We have massive problems of irresponsibility, unemployment, healthcare, crime, disease, gangs, drugs and poverty, yet this president is hell bent on importing more of the same. We have homeless veterans, who after serving our country, are not treated half as well as these domestic intruders.

Some politicians would sell their soul to the devil if it meant they could keep their power and job security, never mind our country’s security.

Joe Cvetko



Dear Editor:

Well, here we go again. The Hispanic Caucus in Congress and their minions are calling for the American people to declare that American should allow everyone in the world to come here and we the people should welcome them with open arms and open our wallets and purses and pay for their world.

I am now going to call the Hispanic Caucus the Hispanic cartel of the American Congress. They claim that all these illegals will help the U.S. economy and create 159,000 jobs and $1.25 billion in revenue. Where do they get this information from, the Chamber of Commerce, which is an open border organization, or from organizations like La Raza, Maldef and immigration attorneys?

They also claim that Republicans are stopping all legislation, another big fat lie.

They claim that Republicans are separating families. Well, Republicans have nothing to do with that. The illegals are doing that themselves.

If I was caught transporting illegals, I could be arrested and prosecuted, but the government is doing exactly that and taking them all over the country, supposedly leaving them with relatives without even verifying their story, and also knowing that they will not show up at their hearing. The Border Patrol in Texas has been pulled back 45 miles from the border to allow this influx of illegals to just walk across the border without fear of arrest.

America is in the toilet. California alone spends billions of dollars on welfare aid to dependent children, WIC, section 8, medical care, schooling, free lunches and dinner, and what about the billions spent on the illegals in California prisons.

Mexico and the rest of these Central American countries are corrupt from top to bottom – politicians, military and police. They are facilitating these illegals across their borders. The U.S. could stop this tomorrow if President Obama wanted to but he doesn’t. He could stop all foreign aid, close every border crossing, and put the National Guard on the border, and that would stop the illegals and drugs coming across.

People in the U.S. need to wake up and pay attention to what’s going on in this corrupt administration or the United States that we once knew will be like Europe – a social welfare state.

George Hofstetter



Dear Editor:

Our Congressperson, Lucille Roybal-Allard, who has never seen a spending bill she didn’t love, is a sponsor of a bill that would cost an unimaginable amount of money to provide attorneys for the hoards of mostly young people that are flooding our country at the invitation of President Obama.

The claim will be made that they seek asylum due to violence or persecution in their home country but the truth is there is less, not more, violence in those countries. We had lots of MS13s coming here in earlier decades; many of these will become recruits.

The answer to stop this is simple. Take care of their physical needs. Separate as to country of origin and return them. After one or two such flights the flow will stop.

Mary Arena



Dear Editor:

Enough of Lucille Roybal-Allard, Lee Hamilton and the Democratic rhetoric that consumed two-thirds of the editorial page. I agree with a recent letter to your paper that suggested changing the name of the paper to “The Downey Democrat.”

They need to correctly state the goal that they seek: it is not comprehensive immigration reform. It is amnesty.

My response is: get in line.

Joyce Rosebrock




Published: July 17, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 14