Illegal refugees

Dear Editor: In response to Cristina Garcia’s op-ed (“U.S. Should Do Its Part with Child Immigrants,” 8/7/14), I agree that these refugees should be treated humanely. However, they should then be reunited with their families in their countries of origin.

The solution for this problem cannot be resolved by our inept Congress. The number one way to resolve illegal trespassing has been, is, and forever will be to secure our borders with Mexico.

Sure, it would be honorable to support all the poor people in the world. There is poverty in all countries. If we allow these illegal refugees to remain in our country, an example will be set for all poor people to send their children to the United States, and this, of course, will open the door for their families to follow.

Our national debt is becoming unsustainable. Tell me how we can support an estimated 90,000 children crossing the border into America by the end of 2014? Taxes are continually increasing for the roughly 50 percent of the people paying taxes to keep our government malfunctioning.

One thing the federal government could do would be to better direct monies sent to other countries. Instead of giving $400 million to the Hamas/Palestinian state so this country can obtain more rockets to shoot at Israel, this money could be used to help feed the 1 out of 4 children in our country who go hungry every day, and perhaps give a little help to Central America.

I have never believed in cutting lines – not at the airport, supermarket and certainly not in the long lines of people going through the proper procedures to come to America. Yes, our country has benefited from the influx of immigrants who legally have entered our country. I have friends from Mexico, Canada and Russia who came to America legally. These and other legal immigrants are part of the great melting pot that makes up America, and I personally welcome them.

These refugees must be returned to their country of origin so they and their parents can get in line with the rest of the people who want to come to America. Unless, of course, you and your supporters have very deep pockets and can take care of all their needs financially and emotionally.

Martha Call




Published: Aug. 28, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 20