‘Jive dude’ Al White visits Downey

DOWNEY – Actor Al White, best known for his portrayal of one of the “jive dudes” in the cult comedy classic “Airplane,” was in Downey last week. White is a friend of local photographer John Zander. Downey Police Cpl. Mike Pope, a fan of White’s, asked for an introduction.

The three men met and had lunch at Marisa’s Mexican restaurant, where they also met restaurant owner Fidel Palomo.

After lunch, Cpl. Pope gave White a tour of the Downey police station where he met Downey Police Chief Carl Charles and other police officers.

Also at the station was Mayor Fernando Vasquez and council members Alex Saab and Mario Guerra, who gave White a brief rundown of Downey’s history.

“Everyone I met was so warm and friendly,” White said. “I enjoyed my visit to Downey.”

Al White will be back in Downey on May 3, signing autographs at the Downey Street Faire. He will be at the John Zander Photography booth.



Published: April 24, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 02