Judgmental statements

Dear Editor: In reply to Greta Campbell’s Letter to the Editor: she said there is a price to be paid by those who are afraid of “progressives,” evolutionists, “gay marriage” and all the paranoid conspiracies that are trying to corrupt our children.

We are not afraid of them; we just don’t agree with them.

Is Ms. Campbell not putting down everyone who doesn’t agree with her? Is she not being very judgmental, in a sense using the same tactics the young man used against her? Not agreeing with her on the issues she mentioned does not corrupt children.

First, re homosexuality, there are the Biblical views about it that cause people to not agree with her. However, this does not give one the right to be abusive, or make any unkind remarks to anyone. This also applies to religious beliefs and races. I feel there has been more racial division in the U.S. under President Obama than when he took office. This “race card” is played politically in many situations.

So far as evolution is concerned, it takes a big stretch of the mind to believe that humanity was started with some small worm, or even from apes (though many people act like them). Where did the ape or worm come from? It’s difficult for me to understand that something came from nothing.

I’ve seen the damage done to our country by the Progressives in our government from the top down to the President’s appointees, and others in high places seem to feel the way to achieve their purposes is to lie to the American people. Surely by now I don’t have to enumerate them. So, Ms. Campbell, perhaps if she doesn’t like being insulted, she should take a look at the statements she made.

I’d like to address Measure B. If we want to retain our right to vote on police and firemen, we must vote no. Otherwise, the City Council will decide.

I’m very happy with the fire department and police department, so please vote no on Measure B to keep them in Downey.

Elsa Van Leuven




Published: April 24, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 02