Make Music Downey

Dear Editor: My band comprising of electric guitars, electric keyboard and drums was looking forward to performing at the Make Music Downey event last Saturday and rehearsed extensively for it.

We were given the worst possible location in the “pocket stage” where there was no electricity, no stage and then were given the option to perform at the First Baptist Church which had an extremely small stage and we would have ended up playing only 20 minutes.

It would appear to me that every single other band all seemed to have their slots organized and went off without any hitches...This is simply too much of a coincidence.

I know the Downey Arts Coalition means well, but I seriously feel that this was done deliberately and, if that is the case, I would just like to know what I’ve done wrong, why this was done to me, and why certain people in this organization feel this way. I have lived in Downey for over 30 years and have volunteered at many functions and my family and myself have donated countless dollars over the years.

Many of my friends and fans were very disappointed because they all took time out of their busy schedules to come and see my band perform. In any event, I hope in the future that this organization can be more organized when it comes to coordinating an event such as this, and hopefully good people of this city (myself included) will not get shunned.

Devin Clarke




Published: June 19, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 10