McDonald’s parking

Dear Editor: I am writing to urge the city of Downey to put in more parking at the McDonald’s restaurant on the corner of Gallatin and Lakewood. I really like eating at McDonald’s, but as an elderly woman it scares me to park there.

The drive-thru wraps around through the parking lot and gets very full of cars, causing me great delay and danger as I try to park and then walk inside for a delicious meal.

I also think there should be a security guard because after the stress of trying to safely park, I have been harassed by teenagers and a very strange man in the parking lot.

The ordeal has left me too stressed out to eat and something must be done about this. I refuse to be forced to eat somewhere like Subway.

It is time we stand up and make a different. Let’s make this a safe and enjoyable place to eat again for our citizens – and not just the bravest ones.

Joan Bryan




Published: June 19, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 10