Norwalk considers new logo

NORWALK – The City Council has decided to hold off on refreshing Norwalk’s logo until it can decide how to brand the diverse city of about 105,000 residents. Norwalk’s current logo is blue and gold and was first introduced in 1989. A line runs through its center – signifying motion – to correspond with the city’s then slogan, “A city on the move.”

The logo has not been updated since.

In February, the City Council paid David Riley Associates of Newport Beach approximately $10,000 to design potential new logos. They came back with six designs, each similar to the current logo but with a more modern treatment.

“You want a logo to be progressive, forward-thinking and contemporary,” said Jeff Hobbs, communications and public affairs manager for Norwalk.

At a study session meeting Tuesday, most council members agreed Norwalk’s current logo needs upgrading but they said the timing was not right.

“We don’t know what our brand is at the moment,” said Councilwoman Cheri Kelley as she studied the logo renderings. “It’s certainly not the water tower. At least I hope it isn’t.”

Longtime Councilman Luigi Vernola, who was on the City Council when the current logo was introduced, said none of the designs impressed him.

“I don’t like any of them. What’s wrong with what we’re using now?” he asked. “Show me something better... I like to stay with the past,” he added. “The past dictates the future.”

Mayor Marcel Rodarte said Norwalk’s logo “was a great design but I think it’s run its course.”

“If we stick with the ‘80s logo, that’s how we’re going to be perceived, like we’re not moving forward,” Rodarte said.

Council members deferred a final decision and instead will begin preliminary talks on a branding initiative, which is expected to eventually result in a refreshed logo.



Published: June 19, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 10