Ophthalmologist offers new diagnostic testing

DOWNEY – Downey-based Dr. Brian Brown has become the first ophthalmologist in California to offer allergy matrix advanced allergy testing to his patients. The testing has been offered across the U.S. for nearly a year except in California.

“Most Californians suffer from watery, itchy and burning eyes every day and past treatments consist of several steps, including lid scrubs, eye drops and occasionally oral therapy,” Dr. Brown said.

“Determining the cause of patients’ itchy, watery (and) scratchy eyes is not always easy,” he continued. “Deciding whether the irritations are allergy related or a dry eye issue can be challenging for most ophthalmologists. Allergy Matrix has created antigens specific to California’s molds, pollens and other area pollutions; the 60 antigen testing process is basically painless and can be administered and evaluated in less than 30 minutes.”

For more information on allergy matrix testing, go to brianbrownmd.com.



Published: April 17, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 01