Poetry problems

Dear Editor: I’m not stranger to poetry, and I don’t object to anything intellectually stimulating in the paper, however, in two weeks we have had poems about a dying horse and killing crickets.

I read them over and over and just could not understand where the authors were coming from. Clearly something is lacking in my education that I find nothing entertaining about these, nor am I able to understand how dark their lives must be to write about such.

How about something a little more light hearted? such as these from Ogden Nash, who most likely is unfamiliar to some of your readers. Don’t read into them, don’t analyze, don’t pontificate on how the word “llama” would sound in another dialect. Just enjoy them for what they are...funny.

The one “L” lama, he’s a priest.

The two “L” llama, he’s a beast

And I will bet a silk pajama,

There isn’t any three “L” lllama


The Camel has a single hump,

the Dromedary two.

Or else the other way around.

I’m never sure -- are you?

Now that’s poetry!

Keith Underwood




Published: July 31, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 16