Political attacks

Dear Editor: The Guerra family has always been committed to community service. We are proud of being a part of Downey and love our city.

When Mario asked about running for State Senate last year, I knew it would take a lot of work and family unity. But the opportunity to restore character and ethics in Sacramento is something we both feel strongly about and I know Mario is the person with the right plan to make that happen and I am prepared to help him bring integrity back to our legislature.

What I wasn’t prepared for was to have my children used as props in a political smear campaign. The acts of those who support Mario’s opponent have compelled me to write this open letter because of a devious deed perpetrated on my family.

As a mother of five, wife, and grandmother, I was appalled to see an image of my son and husband, with my son’s face blacked out insinuating my husband, as a clergy, had done something hideous. To me, this is a character and moral issue, not a Republican or Democrat matter.

What was the goal of those responsible for creating this site? Was it to gain political points? Or was it a sinister attempt to bring shame to my husband? Was my son just a prop? Was this an attack on my religion and faith?  Was this to use my husband’s status and position in our church against us?

It disturbs and pains me to discuss a malicious attempt to defame and smear my family. I am asking those responsible to take accountability and shut down the website and call on my husband’s opponent to condemn the site, those who are involved in its creation and launch and smear campaign tactics.

Whatever the motivation, it was wrong to use my family like this. It was wrong to ever use a young child for political purposes. What they have done crosses a line of morality and decency. This type of conduct has no place in our political system.

It has been a trying time as of late but thanks to family members, friends and supporters and their prayers and well-wishings, I have been given strength and new hope that these childish, devious and unnecessary political strategies are seen for what they are – deceptions and lies. We will continue to pray for them.

Thank you for reading this and for your continued support. God Bless,

Ann Guerra




Published: Sept. 25, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 24