Political gimmicks

Dear Editor: One of the biggest con gimmicks our elected officials do is start a program that is absolutely wasteful of taxpayer dollars, then after a long period, they pop in the news proclaiming we cannot afford to waste our dollars on that project. To the reader they are now saving us money.

Downey’s Wall of Fame would cost an estimated $70,000. The actual name would be the Mario Guerra Wall of Fame -- he started it and I am sure he would be the first on it.

Go back several years when he was newly-elected to the Downey City Council. Mario Guerra’s first duty was to call for and have a special election to end term limits. This election wasted upwards of $70,000, and even the tiniest of ants knew it would fail. Why? Because we Downey citizens had already voted yes, we want term limits.

Today, Mario Guerra’s turn has arrived. He is running for state Senate and he proudly tells us that South Gate City Council members back him. If you are a working stiff like me and have to get to the 710 Freeway, oh how we cringe when we get to Garfield Avenue at Firestone Boulevard, Imperial and even Stewart & Gray Road because this is South Gate city limits. All intersections have the last of the illegal traffic light cameras, where they shortened the time of the yellow light to give more tickets.

I am also looking for the 8,500 jobs the Republican Party says he created.

Last election, Councilman Luis Marquez had a failed run at state Senate even though he sold his soul for $4500 to the Hustler Casino and an Indian casino. These casinos thought they were buying a lifetime politician -- we still have him for free.

Maurie Thomas




Published: May 29, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 07